stay in your zone of genius

+ scale with ease


by thoughtfully building a support system

around you and your business


I know... you didn't start your business to spend your days writing emails, sending invoices, and all the other admin tasks necessary to keep your business afloat.

This space simply isn't your zone of genius. 

And that's okay!

But it's time to start building a support system around you so that you can start focusing more on what brings you joy (and revenue). 



Building a support system in your business is often a journey into new territory.

And that new territory often feels uncharted, overwhelming, and uncomfortable. Frankly, you may not want to figure out how to get there your self.

And that's where I come in as a guide and coach. I'll be the one to sit with you, draw a map of the steps we need to take, and captain your ship to its next location: a team of two.



meet your guide

Hey there!

I'm Marissa and I'll be your guide. 

I help growing solopreneurs systematize and welcome an assistant into their blossoming business. 

i am

part coach   ‧   part mapmaker   ‧   part ops geek

kind words

I cannot speak highly enough of Marissa and the magical way that her brain works.


Working with her to break down and map out my process helped me to identify major and minor sticky points,

saving me an estimated 6 months of confusion and frustration. 

Follow my path


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