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My name is Marissa, and I help entrepreneurs stay in their zone of genius by guiding them through the process of adding new admin/ops roles as they grow.

Having worked alongside entrepreneurs for the past ten years, I have a deep understanding and compassion for the challenges entrepreneurs face as business blossoms, resources get overstretched, and more hands are needed.

Over the years, I've been the right-hand lady to entrepreneurs, and I've been the manager hiring for my team.

I deeply understand what it takes to set new hires up for success. It includes so much more than a new desk and a basic idea of their role.

Let me paint a picture of my ideal environment-- teams are in alignment, feeling nourished and harmonious; expectations are clear; there are pathways for feedback and healthy flows of information; balance is promoted over hustle. My work is born out of a love for creating these environments.

I also love system and process design - which just so happens to be the foundational component to scaling businesses and teams!

Portland, Maine

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