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process writing + clarity work

 process, SOPs, and documentation ... oh my!




Those words alone can bring such anxiety and overwhelm - they sound clunky, unattainable, and super confusing. They seem like a distant island that you know you should get to but you'd rather truthfully rather go in any other direction.

But I'm here to tell you that the operations side of your business or project doesn't have to feel overwhelming.


There is a way to shed some of the heavy masculine energy around process design and add humor, lightness, and breathe into the mix. 



But here the thing, you don't have to take the journey alone. 

And if I had to tell you something... you already know your operations like the back of your hand. But sometimes we can be closely connected to them that it's hard to see from a beginner's mind.

And when we are in that place, having someone to hold space and create the structure for you to dump it all out of your head in an unorganized, stream-of-thought, messy way...can make a wonderful difference felt even before receiving the final tangible document. 

And this is what I love to do. I love holding space for others to walk me through processes they are so intimately connected to. So that I can mirror them back more clearly. 

our virtual oasis while we work together on process design

the process map for: 

working with me on process design 



step one: grounding call 


In this 20-30 minute call, we'll chat about you and your process/system needs. Together, we'll explore the higher level needs and then also travel into the nitty-gritty of any tricky spots or emotions that are arising. Information from this call allows me to design a map for our next call, should you decide to continue forward!

This call is $111 and can be scheduled here: 


step two: plan outlined


After the call, I'll create a map for how it might look moving forward into this work with you. This will include what a next meeting would look like and what type of final product I can create for you!

step three: decisions!


If you're ready to take the next proposed step as outlined in my plan, we'll move forward! Otherwise, the grounding call might have done the trick in gaining the clarity you needed (yay!). 


step four:

deep process work


[cost depends on depth of work + final document]

[range: $500 - $5000]

It's likely in step two that I'll recommend that we meet again or a few more times to continue the conversation about your processes + systems.


In our meeting(s), we'll snuggle up with a cup of coffee (or tea) virtually. And I'll likely have you guide me through your current processes in a flowing non-linear way.


You don't have to tie all the pieces neatly together or have it all organized. I'll take detailed notes in a way that allows me to capture information in a messy way!

We'll keep tabs on how you're doing - taking any pauses for breathe, humor, or movement that we may need. 


step five:

final document



After our meetings, I'll create a final document from our conversations. The final document may look like:

  • a training manual/document

  • SOPs (standard operating procedures)

  • a process map

In this document, I'll also provide any guidance I have on ways that the process can be improved or simplified through the addition of new steps or new systems.


This will be sent to you, you'll go through it independently, and then we'll chat afterward!




There is little written documentation on how to do critical actions in your business or project.

The thought of documentation or process design makes you just a little overwhelmed. 

You may have identified a need in your process/system but don't know how to fix it.

Your overall system is not working well due to the inefficiencies of your processes.








You're equipped with documents (and possibly other media forms) that provide clarity, structure, and easy to understand guidance.

Process design might still not be part of your wheelhouse but the experience will help it not feel like such a distant and unreachable tool.

The feeling of being stuck is long gone and the barrier that might have been prohibiting growth or clarity had been gently washed away.

After reviewing processes (the components of a larger system), we'll have concrete ways to improve the overall health of your system.

example of 

process design 



client: Ph.D. student who needed to write a step-by-step process for the methods' section of her research

pain point: she had been doing this process for over 8 years and had become too close to the process to see it from a beginner's mind. The thought of delineating the process caused extreme overwhelm and the feeling of not knowing how to even start.

starting point: a six sentence paragraph describing her process 

our journey together: we spent three hours chatting about processes in two separate meetings. The first conversations was a dialogue about the issue she was feeling and needed help with. The second was framed as a conversation where she'd teach me the process - but without preparing, organizing, or doing any pre-work to help tie the process any tighter together. Throughout the two hours together, I took six pages of notes - switching between numerous phases of her process as she went there in her stream-of-thought teaching of it. 

outcome: From my six pages of notes (and her 1 paragraph!),  I created a 10-page step-by-step process for her research that she'll be able to use as a foundation as she continues with her Ph.D.

other processes / systems i've designed

- an ordering + fulfillment process for a 5 million dollar e-commerce company

- an onboarding process for new sales consultants

- a process for launching new products

- a customer service process for answering all incoming requests

- a process to report departmental capacity company-wide

- an event + employee scheduling process for a high-end cotton-candy cart

- a website editing process for clients

-a grant management system for a grassroots nonprofit

-  over 250 pages of training manuals/ standard operating procedures (SOPs)

- a process for ripening avocados so two are ready every night for dinner (see processes can be FUN!)

"What we did together in one hour would have taken me one month to do. "

- intentional process design client

process (n): a recipe of actions that delivers a trustworthy result. 

like your grandmother's pumpkin pie recipe.