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Three areas you should focus on BEFORE hiring a new role

There are some pretty big hiring misconceptions I see floating around out there. The one I see most often is this idea: “I only need to find the right person and the rest will figure itself out.” Here’s the thing - finding the right person is important but it's only a part of getting it right. And it’s not the first thing you should focus on when looking to hire. 🌿 Instead, there are three areas I focus on when beginning the hiring journey with my clients. 1⃣ Role Readiness We look at how built-out the role is for the new hire by asking questions like: ↳ Is there a clear game-plan for what this person will be doing? ↳ How will tasks be delegated thoughtfully and with clear expectations? ↳ Is it clear who is actually needed in terms of role type and skills? 2⃣ Structural Readiness We look at the infrastructure around a new hire. For example, → If there are SOPs are in place. → Whether processes are clear, streamlined, and scalable for the new hire. → Whether the information they need in order to be successful is easily accessible to them. 3⃣ Manager Readiness When a new role is hired, it creates two new roles. The second being the new role of the manager. This is regardless of if the new role is an outsourced role or not! Being ready to embrace and lean into the new role as a manager is critically important for the success and wellness of the new hire. This is the area where we explore common issues, emotions, and challenges that arise as managers. 🌿 Reading all of this you may say to yourself, “Wow. This is a lot of work. Why do I need to do it?” Here’s what I’d say: ⁣> I focus on this pre-work because there’s a HUGE difference between finding the right person for a role… and keeping the right person IN a role. < The first being a serendipitous connection. And the latter a result of continuous and thoughtful planning, onboarding, and management. ✨ Give me a 1, 2, or 3 for the area above you find the most daunting in the hiring process.