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💌 A love letter to growing solopreneurs

Dear growing solopreneur, I see you juggling it all, my dear. I see you carrying the weight of your business on your back. I see you questioning how much longer it is possible for you to continuing doing it all. 🌱 How much longer you can continue getting stuck in the weeds. How much longer you can continue to do all the things needed to run your business alone… At the expense of being constantly outside of your zone of genius. Because your zone of genius… That’s the space that lights you up. That’s the space where your business was birthed from. 🌿 We don’t often talk about it from a business lens but growth can be scary, my dear. Growth asks you to make more space and wash away the restrictions put on your business by the limitations of your time. And I see and acknowledge the emotions born from the growth you’ve dreamed of for so long in your business. 🌲 And because of that, I need you to know... → you don’t need to do this alone. It is safe to thoughtfully invite others to build your business alongside you. → it is okay to feel any negative emotions that arise by the arrival of this new stage of your business. → and it’s normal as you embark on this journey to not know where to start the scaling/outsourcing process - or who you need to invite into your business. 🌲🌲 This is why I'm in the process of thoughtfully building and beta-testing clarity calls, coaching packages, and immersive programs for you. To help wipe away the fog of uncertainty and overwhelm that often comes along with growth. And to replace it with ease and a clear map that we journey together to help you get back to your zone of genius. But this time… with a thoughtful hire supporting you. Love, Marissa