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Hiring as a Manifestation Practice

There’s one part of the hiring process that gets me even more giddy with excitement and possibility. Its the fact that there’s someone out there *right now* looking for you and the role you’re offering. Soak that in for a minute. ✨ If you’re hiring or about to hire, try this on for size. See how it feels to know that there’s someone out there looking for and waiting for your role and who will be a wonderful fit. → Think of this person already existing. → Think about how this person got up this morning and doesn’t even realize that they’ll be working with you soon. → Think of how this person will be so freaking happy to have found you and to be working alongside you. ✨ I like to encourage my clients to take it even further than this. To start seeing the person already in the role. → How it feels to work alongside them. → How it feels to be in their presence. → How good it feels to have someone like them growing the business with you. And then start talking about them like they’re already there. → “This is a task M will rock” → “M is so good at reminding me when it’s time to do Y. I’m not sure how I ever did this without them.” ✨ Take time to bask in the possibilities and magic ahead of you as you hire. And to put this into practice, I invite you to comment and tell me about your (future) new hire and what you love about them!