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Honoring My Brain

This time last year I could barely add 2+2 in my head without piercing pain behind my eyes.⁣

I started getting migraines and daily headaches for the first time since I was a child.⁣

My brain was absolutely fried. Over stressed from working intensely and non-stop for 4 years. #startuplife


The past year has been a journey in healing my brain.⁣

In honoring it for the amazing work it does.⁣

But allowing it to do that work with freedom, rest, and inspired action.⁣

Rather than force, demands, and petal-to-the-metal drive.⁣

The past year has been a process in learning how to take care of my brain.⁣

What it needs to heal. What it needs to be in balance. How I can take care of it.⁣


A lot of my healing work has been learning about my human design (projector, heyyyy) and rebalancing my masculine and feminine energy.⁣

It’s been about stepping back into flow. Back into the rhythm of my own body, rather than that of my 9-5. Back into my power.⁣

It’s been about learning the stages of my cognitive processing. ⁣

✔️How sometimes my brain is in full absorption mode (best for learning). ⁣

✔️How other times it’s in digestion mode (best for integration and pausing). ⁣

✔️And how it loves being in action mode (best for stepping into the driver’s seat with inspiration).⁣

All of this healing I get to bring into working with my clients. By approaching systems and hiring with a balance of structure and flow, pause and action, and creation and maintenance. ⁣

And I’m thankful for that.

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