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Scaling a Biz Actually Means TWO things

I've lived through a scaling process where items in #1 were prioritized way higher than #2. Spoiler alert: it leads to burn-out. 🤓 Scaling without giving thoughtful attention to #2 is like bringing home ten people to sleep in your lil' studio apartment. You've got the people -- but you don't have the space + structure for them. Here’s a bit more about the two categories: 👉🏻The items in #1 can include: ⁣- sales pages + funnels ⁣- program + course creation - new offerings + products - abundance mindset - removing limiting beliefs - growing your audience

👉🏻The items in #2 can include: - a clear + smooth process that makes becoming a client super easy - automation in numerous aspects of the client journey - an appropriate amount of team members to handle day-to-day operations - a deep understanding of growth in items in #1 affect process + your team - training manuals and clear policy and process to allow for duplication and transferring of knowledge