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⁣6 Questions to Ask Yourself When Delegating to Your Team

Let’s demystify delegation for one sec… It is simply the act of moving work (and the responsibility that comes with it) from your plate to someone else’s. But peek behind that a lil’ bit more and you’ll notice that there’s a LOT that goes into making sure that the delegation of work is successful. Such as clear instructions, expectations, and support. 〰️ Here are a few questions to help guide you in delegating thoughtfully: ▹ If I had never done this task before, what questions would I ask myself? ▹ In order to understand this task for the first time, what tools and support would I need? ▹ Can I take a little bit more time to show my hire/team how to do it rather than just saying I will do it myself? ▹ Am I setting my hire/team up for success with this task or am I simply pushing it off my plate in hopes they will catch it? ▹ Have I set expectations around deadlines and deliverables? ▹ Am I making myself available to respond to any questions they may have? 〰️ Thinking of hiring a team member soon? Save this post - your future self will thank you!