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What does the growth of a client on-boarding system look like?

Growing your systems + processes may be a place of discomfort since you don't really have a map to follow!

Because of this, I'm here to give you a few examples of what growth can look like.

Today we'll focus the growth of a client on-boarding system. This example is for someone who works 1-on-1 with a client, say a coach or social media manager.


‧When a new client signs up, they let you know verbally.

‧Welcome emails, invoices, contracts are manually created and sent by you over email.

‧You keep track of new client info in Google Docs.

growth stage #1:

‧You use Hellosign to send over the contract so that it's easier to capture signatures.

‧You now use Paypal or a similar payment processor to send invoices manually. It looks a lil' more professional but there's still a lot of manual work.

growth stage #2:

‧You transition to a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform such as Dubsado so that all the on-boarding happens in the same place.

‧You send a proposal to a client after your discovery call and they select & order the package they want.

‧Your CRM system automatically sends welcome emails, invoices, contracts and reminder emails and the like when the time is right.

---> There are more growth stages past this point but we'll keep it here today!

Which stage are you in with your client on-boarding system?