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Your New Hire is Like a Long-Term Guest

Imagine for a minute you’re about to have a new long-term guest come live in your home.

To prepare, you’ve worked out the most logical location for them. You’ve prepared a quiet space with a bed and privacy.

You’ve cleaned the room. Made the bed. Checked to make sure you’ve got enough towels to share.

You’re ready, or so you think, for the guest to arrive!

But you’d be forgetting that there’s so much more that needs to be sorted out… beyond the tangible to-dos.


→ Having a conversation about how to share common spaces and chores.

→ Figuring out together how to establish a channel of communication when issues arise.

→ Helping your guest understand the expectations you have of the living arrangement.

→ Creating a common understanding of the behavior expected while home.

→ Taking an honest look at the pieces of you that may come into conflict with the change.

All critical to establishing a harmonious living arrangement.


Think of this guest like your new hire, whether it be a virtual assistant (VA), personal assistant, operations associate- you name it.

Carving out the space for them is only *one* step in getting it right.

There are so many other pieces that need planning and thoughtfulness too.

Those include:

→ a healthy dialogue about expectations + priorities.

→ a common understanding of each other’s ways of working.

→ a well-laid channel of communication for when issues and feedback arise.

→ an internal look at the places where you may get emotionally tripped up as a manager.

→ a clear understanding of roles and how they overlap with each other.

→ intentional guidance + mentorship from the very beginning.

These are the intangible items that we often overlook when hiring and on-boarding…

and they are as

e q u a l l y as important

as creating the space for a new hire.

This is why the hiring program I’m designing for growing entrepreneurs focuses on both:

creating structure in masculine energy

<< building out the role, process writing, systems design >>


creating awareness in the feminine energy

<< bringing the space for mentorship, emotions, openness >>


Any other pieces you see that are typically overlooked during the hiring + on-boarding process?